Suzy Homemaker Phase 2 Highlights at Kala Sangam, 16th Dec 2022

The term ‘Suzy Homemaker’ is used as a derisive reference to any woman with habits linked to stereotypical domestic activities traditionally done by women. Suzy Homemaker was a line of miniature functional toy household appliances produced by Topper Toys, and launched in 1966. It taught girls how to be the perfect housewife, just like their mother. In this performance we see women throughout history trapped in a role they did not ask for, they had no choice. Domestic Bliss quickly turns into a distorted nightmare. Let’s meet the characters!

Susannah is an Edwardian socialite in 1903 who is introduced to the Suffragette movement before police quash the revolution.

Ms. S. is a Burlesque performer from the late 1920’s/early 1930’s living a double life between her natural wallflower personality and her stage persona.

Suzy is a 1950’s housewife that has more to her than meets the eye… She starts to feel the societal pressures of perfection and slowly begins to crumble.

None of this would be possible without the support from my amazing team:

Producer: Callum Holt

Mentor and Dramaturg: Jennifer Auger

Movement/Rehearsal Director: Stefania Pinato

Sound Designer/Composer: Alice Gilmour

Movement Specialists: Isabel Baquero and Jenny Claire

Historical Consultant: Harriet Bradbury

Costume Designer: Amelia Sierevogel

Voiceover artists: Phoebe Smith and Dan Mallaghan

Thank you to Arts Council England, Kala Sangam, Enable Us Project, Lawrence Batley Theatre, The Dance Studio Leeds, Displace Yourself Theatre, Abinitio School of Dance, Adele Taylor School of Dance and Leeds University Suzy Homemaker is Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Videography by YDT Studios