Residency Extension- Enable Us Project 22/23

I am thrilled to announce that my residency with Enable Us Project had been extended by another year! I have found their support during 21/22 extremely valuable and I would not have been able to continue developing Suzy Homemaker without their advice, help and opportunities.

“The Enable Us Project was started in 2017. It provides a platform within the University of Sheffield Performance Venues to bring audiences, artists and the University community together to experience, inspire and be inspired by performances that stimulate thought and broaden understanding, as well as providing access to workshops, training and development. Our artistic programme encourages opportunities for students at the University of Sheffield to work alongside professional arts practitioners, to develop their own creativity and to grow as individuals. We also aim to develop work based learning programmes and internships within the cultural and creative professions.”

Enable Us Social Media:

Photo by Derwood Pamphilon