Reflections of ‘Suzy Homemaker’ at Lancashire Fringe Festival 2022

This time last week I was preparing for ‘Suzy Homemaker’ at Lancashire Fringe Festival. The venue was fully packed with not a spare seat in sight. I continue to be overwhelmed by the support I receive for this solo show. It makes all of the sleepless nights worth it. We had 100% positive feedback from the audience which I still can’t wrap my head around!

I also received my first ever review for Suzy Homemaker. I have attached the link below and have included some snippets here:

“A fantastic five star dialogue-free ballet performance.”

“Erica’s imaginative use and repurposing of props actually echoes the function of the Suzy toys themselves.”

“The music is used extremely effectively throughout, often discordantly. Erica isn’t released or liberated by the score, but trapped by it, like a puppet dragged around by the chords.”

“A highly innovative dance, open to multiple interpretations, none of which show the Suzy Homemaker lifestyle in a positive light. The Fringe festival has shown us comedy, science fiction, grief, history, and much more. This was the closest it has come to depicting outright horror, and all the more so for the horror having been all too real for many women trapped in cold, loveless relationships, where they are expected to bake, clean, and look pretty and unquestioningly obedient to the master of the house, cut off from the times and exciting World beyond the kitchen that is no better than a prison cell.”

“Erica Mulkern will undoubtedly go on to greatness in performance. An incredible, unforgettable experience.”

Images by Garry Cook

Thank you to all of the team at Lancashire Fringe Festival for such a smooth show and for this lovely opportunity.

Producer: Callum Holt

Movement/Rehearsal Director: Stefania Pinato

Choreographic Collaborator: Jenny Claire

Dramaturg: Jennifer Auger

Historical Consultant: Harriet Bradbury

Costume Designer: Amelia Sierevogel