Suzy Homemaker at Durham Fringe Festival Summer 2021

I am delighted to announce my upcoming shows of Suzy Homemaker at Durham Fringe Festival.

“Erica Mulkern presents her new solo work ‘Suzy Homemaker‘.

The term “Suzy Homemaker” is used as a derisive reference to any woman with habits linked to stereotypical domestic activities traditionally done by women. Suzy Homemaker was a line of miniature functional toy household appliances produced by Topper Toys, and launched in 1966. It taught girls how to be the perfect housewife, just like their mother.
In this performance we see women throughout history trapped in a role they did not ask for, they had no choice. Domestic Bliss quickly turns into a distorted nightmare.

Dates: 28th, 29th, 30th July & 1st Aug
Venue: St Chad’s College Garden, 18 North Bailey, Durham, DH1 3RH
Time: Between 14.30-16.00pm
Ticket Link: https://thelittleboxoffice.com/durhamfringefestival/book/event/140614
Choreographer/Performer: Erica Mulkern
Costume designer: Amelia Sierevogel
Props: The House of Foxy
Bolero composed by Maurice Ravel. (Performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra)
El dia que me quieras composed by Carlos Gardel. (Performed by Bert Alink)
Dinheiro haja composed by J. Vesta. (Performed by Banda do Corpo de Bombeiros do Rio de Janeiro)
Roses of Picardy composed by Haydn Wood. (Performed by Colonne Orchestra)

Erica would like to thank Abinitio School of Dance, Durham Fringe Festival, Kala Sangam, The Dance Studio Leeds, Tim Walker and Yorkshire Dance for their support and guidance for this performance.

Poster designed by Avneet Cheema. Photos by Nicola Chippendale and Pete Marsh MBE at Vines Art House.”


Open Source Arts Livestream Performance of Suzy Homemaker. Sun 1st Aug 2021, 7pm (BST)

Suzy Homemaker is live on your screen! There is a livestream show at Open Source Arts as part of their Affordable Theatre Programme. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity.

Sun 1st Aug at 7pm via livestream. You can donate as little as £1 to watch the show! Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/533695514481883/?active_tab=about

Website link: https://opensourcearts.co.uk/event/suzyhomemaker/…


(Content Awareness: discussion of miscarriage.)

We’re very excited to present Suzy Homemaker from emerging Leeds based performance artist and dancer Erica Mulkern as the next show in the Affordable Theatre Programme! The show is supported by LeedsInspired funding and will be livestreaming out on the 1st of August at 7pm.


The term “Suzy Homemaker” is used as a derisive reference to any woman with habits linked to stereotypical domestic activities traditionally done by women. Suzy Homemaker was a line of miniature functional toy household appliances produced by Topper Toys, and launched in 1966. It taught girls how to be the perfect housewife, just like their mother.

In this performance we see women throughout history trapped in a role they did not ask for, they had no choice. Domestic Bliss quickly turns into a distorted nightmare.


Open Source Arts supports emerging grassroots artists to take their shows to the next level- providing space, resources, facilities, expertise, and knowledge.


All proceeds are split between the artist and the venue to help make the arts sustainable for all involved. Your support enables Erica to be paid properly for the work and time they have spent creating and performing the show, meaning that they can continue to create, develop and continue to be a practicing professional artist in Leeds. Your contribution will cover the costs that Open Source Arts pay to continue to support grassroots artists, by giving them a space to perform, with all heating, bills and insurance costs associated with that. The funds will go to the expertise of the team behind the scenes enabling this show to be broadcast at top level quality with video and sound technicians, admin and marketing which are all essential in putting a show together. This enables us to do the same again for artists in the future! Any amount you’re able to contribute is really gratefully received.


Thank you very much for your collaboration by helping us pay the artists involved in producing this event! A diversity of funding models creates more resilience in the sustainability and future of the arts. Through this alternative route where each of us contributes what we can – we all help to strengthen the artistic community in Leeds, create more opportunities for artists, and help to make the arts more sustainable for everyone! Thank you for helping to keep the cultural sector in Leeds alive and well!”

Image by Pete Marsh MBE at Vines Art House


PAST SHOWS in 2021


I am still in shock to announce this but… I have received funding for my first ever solo work; Trauma and me; a frank conversation.

I am looking forward to diving into this process- wish me luck!

Livestream performance link of the show:


My first performance is Thurs 15th Apr at 8.30pm (the event starts at 8pm so please do tune in, it is FREE!)
Theatre Mix @ Home is a live-streamed performance night featuring scripted, devised, spoken word, cabaret, music & more. We’re open minded!
All performers will be live-streaming from their own homes and the night will feature a combination of work (and work-in-progress) from artists and creatives.
It’s being live-streamed from YouTube and will be completely free.
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 8pm (running time approx 1hr)
Our YouTube channel where you will find us on the night: https://bit.ly/3gztK3S
Grab yourself a treat, pull up a couch cushion and enjoy some local creative talents.
This event has been made possible by funding from The Society for Theatre Research, Arts Council England Project Grants and support from The GAP Arts Project.
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/254562116322070/

TRIGGER WARNING: My solo will explore (sensitively) themes such as; miscarriage, pregnancy, r*pe, domestic violence. If you are unsure if this would be for you but would like to watch please do send me a message and I can talk through how the performance will work and be laid out.


Constella OperaBallet ‘Spin a Tale’ online premiere, 8th May 2021

Link to the performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fyXYcgFWSI
On the 8th May 2021, in partnership with Darley Abbey Day 2021, a collection of performance videos will be released to the public, alongside a trail of oversized bobbins and bunting made by local residents, threaded throughout the village. Free tickets for the premiere are available at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/…/spin-a-tale-tickets…

Photos by Ray Gumbley, for Constella OperaBallet’s ‘Spin a Tale’, both commissioned by the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.

Team: Alice Bezant, Leo Geyer, Sarah Louise B. Kristiansen, Sebastian Freeburn, Bryony Harrison, Bethan Smith, Erica Mulkern and Rebecca Stead.



I am delighted to announce that my solo work ‘Trauma and me; a frank conversation’ will be performed as a part of Ashfield Virtual Arts Festival between 29th-31st May. Tickets are free and can be obtained via this link: https://www.stream-park.co.uk/event-details/ashfield-arts-festival

Here is further information about what the virtual festival will contain:
“Ashfield Virtual Arts Festival celebrates the arts, the people and heritage of Ashfield. The festival offers a vibrant and diverse range of art events, ranging from performances, crafts, poetry, storytelling and more!
Explore the various events throughout the park, such as, The Byron and Ada Lovelace stage. Here you can watch performances from poets, musicians, actors and dancers throughout the festival. Take a look at The Hidden valley’s gallery and see the beautiful art work from painters, sculptures, photographers and more! Spend some time at the Lindley’s Mill workshop tent to watch tutorials on all things crafty. Learn about the wonderful heritage of Ashfield in the Annesley hall and old church site. If you enjoy meeting others and connecting with local creatives, it’ll be work visiting the Miners wheel chat area for a virtual social.
We’ve also had some press release by the Mansfield chad who got in touch to amplify the festival and showcasing some of the artists involved.” https://www.chad.co.uk/news/people/call-for-mansfield-and-ashfield-artists-writers-and-creatives-for-virtual-festival-3226034?fbclid=IwAR24qyJXCZJADeNSz_d_BQWrd2YMH1UIvwiWrwHB_F3YtL3FQlnUg2DxakE



Photo by Eleanor Wheatley

Finally able to announce the release of MEDEA INSIDE (keep reading for the livestream details below)

In February 2020 I was cast as Medea in a live dance/theatre performance. I couldn’t wait to get started. The pandemic pushed our show back, and back and you guessed it, back again- until it was no longer possible. As a team we adapted the show to be made into an online film with the brilliant guidance of Dionysia Bouzioti.

Medea is a character that allowed me to tap into my Greek heritage and I am honoured to portray this wild and unworldly woman. She is misunderstood by many in the theatre/philosophy community. She is called a ‘beast’ a ‘murderer’ an ‘unfit mother’. This show shines a light on who she really is, underneath it all. It is raw, uncomfortable and fitting for the current climate. Thank you Medea, you’ve always been a part of me. It’s time I share your story.

“The film will be streamed on 14th, 15th and 16th May
19.00-20.00 UK
21.00-22.00 GR
6.50 GBP Students and Unwaged
8.50 GBP General Admission

MEDEA INSIDE is a hybrid film adaptation of Euripides’ most famous tragedy focusing on the concepts of suffering, imprisonment, and violence.
MEDEA INSIDE was due to be performed on stage in June 2020, yet the pandemic hit and it is now reinvented in a hybrid online film for your screen. Non-professional equipment, cameras operated by the performers themselves or their housemates, interiors of their private spaces and family houses construct a very private ‘backstage’ world of a Medea created amidst a global pandemic. Scattered across the world, the cast was directed remotely by Dionysia Bouzioti.

The film is extraordinary given the circumstances it was created and the quality of work behind it, but it deserves even more attention as it examines the inner reality of the suffering body. Based on Euripides’ atrocious tragedy, MEDEA INSIDE narrates the emotional journey of Medea as embodied by three women, thus giving experiential agency to the Chorus as her societal reflection. The film draws parallels with our recent (or current) reality of imprisonment and isolation, as well as the increase of domestic violence against women during the extended lockdowns.

Available to diverse audiences! The production does not use speech to communicate, but body presence and movement as a universal language.
A low-budget home filmed gem of postmodern textures, original sound, and great suspense not to be missed! We advise you to use your headphones for a better experience!

Any donations would be deeply appreciated to cover the filmmaking costs and keep us going! Please visit the ticket link to donate or contact us for details.
Thank you for supporting us! Enjoy MEDEA INSIDE at the comfort of your home!

You can follow us on FB: @dbartprojects
Instagram: @resilience_company
E-mail: diabouzio@gmail.com or companyresilience@gmail.com”

Cast/production team: Dionysia Bouzioti, Merveille Nsumbu, Natalia Lesińska, Tim C Huang, Emily Raven-Baker, Erica Mulkern, Gabriele Bonotto, Jenny Skinner, Georgie Gillespie & Vasilis Georgakopoulos


Collaboration performance with Desmond Clarke in Partnership with The Arc Project

Link to the performance: https://youtu.be/OeLWcl55tcA
Desmond Clarke and I have been working together throughout the lockdowns in partnership with The Arc Project to create our first work together. You can see our piece premiering LIVE on the 16th April at 7:30pm BST.

“Introducing our third Cross-Medium Collaborations pair: Desmond Clarke and Erica Mulkern.

Desmond Clarke
Desmond Clarke (b. 1989) is a composer, improviser and visual artist from the North of England. His work explores the relationships between physicality, systematisation and perception, and often focuses on the sensual (or sensory) experience of listening or performing.
His work has been widely performed and exhibited, and he has been lucky enough to collaborate with a number of world class musicians, including the Arditti Quartet, Cikada and Ensemble Intercontemporain.
Instagram: des_r_clarke
Website: desmondclarke.com

Erica Mulkern
Erica Mulkern MA is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and mentor based in West Yorkshire, UK. She is currently a dancer with Balbir Singh Dance Company and Northern Dance.
She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she received a First Class Hons Degree and the Carolyn Woolridge Prize for highest performance marks. She also gained a Distinction in an MA in Contemporary Dance. Prior to this she completed the Foundation Course at NSCD with a Distinction.
During her time as a professional dancer she has worked with Black Box Dance Company in Denmark, Balbir Singh, Maxine Fell, Jana Bitterová, The Hexagon Collective, Dionysia Bouzioti, Tina Tarpgaard, Jason Mabana, Marie Brolin-Tani, Steph Giles, Joseph Reay-Reid, Jacob Stage, Melody Putu, Alexander Michael, Lila Naruse and Gerry Turvey. Other choreographers she has worked with include: Jos Baker, Laila Diallo, Vanessa Grasse, Lila Dance, Gemma Harrison and Gwen Rakotovao.
Outside of dance Erica enjoys interacting with dogs, baking, reading and stroking other people’s dogs.”

Cover image by Josh Hawkins for NSCD