Nov 2017   

Performed 6 shows of ‘Blue Velvet’ including two performances in a sports arena with an audience of 2,500 people. (BBDC)

Worked on the development of ‘X-Mythologies’. (BBDC)

Performed 2 shows of ‘Hunger’ at Godsbanen, Aarhus directed by Jacob Stage. (BBDC)

Oct 2017   

Toured and performed ‘FEAR’ throughout Denmark and Sweden. (BBDC)                    

Performed and collaborated with Camilla Ekelöf to create the 4th relay of ‘Hunger’.  (BBDC)       

Performed ‘Hunger Relay 4’ and ‘Sang til Maren’ a duet with Shawn Willis, directed by Marie-Brolin Tani at Knudsens Theatre, Holstebro. (BBDC)

Sept 2017   

Performed and co-choreographed ‘Song for Maren’ a site-specific piece at Holstebro’s Old Town Hall as a part of Classical Days Festival with live accompaniment from Artur Tuźnik (BBDC)

Performed and collaborated on the first relay of ‘Hunger’ in partnership with Mette Aakjær and Melanie Thompson. (BBDC)

Performed ‘The Red Hour’ in collaboration with Alexander Michael, Melody Putu and Gert Østergaard Pedersen at Holstebro Slaughterhouse. (BBDC)

Aug 2017   

Performed ‘FEAR’ at Black Box Theatre. (BBDC)

Apprentice with Black Box Dance Company in Denmark until April 2018.

Taken during ‘Bread and Circuses’ directed by Jos Baker. Image by Foto Priganica. Shadow is Jenna Unwin.