Dec 2018   

Performing for Theraplate UK at Liverpool International Horse Show.

Performing ‘Love and Spice’ with Balbir Singh Dance Company.

Employed as a dancer with Balbir Singh Dance Company.

Rehearsals for ‘Bacchae’ in partnership with Dionysia Bouzioti and University of Leeds.

Nov 2018   

Live improvisation performance with Hoot Creative Arts in collaboration with musician Jonas Lapinas.

Oct 2018   

Danced and modelled for Theraplate UK promotional film in partnership with Liverpool International Horse Show.

Sept 2018   

Performed in London Fashion week with The Hexagon Collective for Fengyi Tan SS19.

Jun 2018   

Working with Steph Giles on ‘Klei’.

Apr 2018   

Performed 4 shows of ‘FEAR‘ by Stephanie Thomasen and Thomas Bentin at Aprilfestival, Denmark. (Black Box Dance Company)

Performed 2 extracts of ‘FEAR‘ in Gothenburg, Sweden. (BBDC)

Performed ‘Blue Velvet’ by David Price and Katya R.D. Nielsen at the DTA Campus Opening. (BBDC)

Mar 2018   

Worked with Jason Mabana in the development of ‘No Sex’. (BBDC)

Performed ‘FEAR‘ at Balletskolen, Holstebro.(BBDC)

Feb 2018   

Performed an extract of ‘X-Mythologies‘ by Tina Tarpgaard in a poetry night in collaboration with Odin Teatret. (BBDC)

Performed 4 lunch shows in Holstebro, Denmark. (BBDC)

Jan 2018   

Performed a neo-classical duet with Shawn Willis choreographed by Marie Brolin-Tani with a live orchestra at a New Year’s Concert, Holstebro. (BBDC)

Performed an improvised solo with cellist Johanne Andersson from the band ‘Who Killed Bambi’ in Aalborg.

Image by Carrie Boardley