Suzy Homemaker- Workshop with Erica Mulkern

When: Tuesday 07 December 2021 at 11:00am-1.15pm
Location: Drama Studio, Shearwood Road, Sheffield, S10 2TD
Price: £8 Full/£5 Concessions
Ticket link: https://performancevenues.group.shef.ac.uk/event/suzy-homemaker-workshop-with-erica-mulkern/

Erica Mulkern is currently creating her first solo work Suzy Homemaker. ‘Suzy Homemaker” is used as a derisive reference to any woman with habits linked to stereotypical domestic activities traditionally done by women. The term was a line of miniature functional toy household appliances produced by Topper Toys, and launched in 1966. It taught girls how to be the perfect housewife, just like their mother. In this performance we see women throughout history trapped in a role they did not ask for, they had no choice. Domestic Bliss quickly turns into a distorted nightmare.

Participants will engage in a 1 hour 15 minute workshop which includes a yoga style warm up, learning movement from Suzy Homemaker and devising a physical theatre solo using musicality and characterisation as a starting point. There will be a short break and then a sharing with discussion of Suzy Homemaker.

Some prior movement experience would be useful but not essential.
Condition of entry the workshop includes proof of a negative lateral flow test.
10 participants maximum.
Thank you to Enable Us and University of Sheffield for this wonderful opportunity.

Image by Nicola Chippendale at Vines Art House.


You asked and I delivered! 3 pre-recorded classes (2 stretch & 1 body conditioning).

1 stretch focused on splits, oversplits, hip flexibility and box splits. 1 stretch focused on hamstring, Ballet and back flexibility. 1 body conditioning class that is a full body workout with no equipment needed.

You can get all 3 classes with LIFETIME access at £12 (£4 each) or if you want just one class out of the bundle it is £5 for an individual class (still with lifetime access).

50% of the proceeds are going towards South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association and the other 50% is being put towards match funding/studio hire for my new solo work ‘Suzy Homemaker’.

For further information please text/email 07504633211 ericamulkern1414@gmail.com

Ballet and Contemporary Classes at Adele Taylor School of Dance, Huddersfield.

If you would like more information please contact Adele Taylor on 07970051163

Cover image by Simon Walker

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